In our comprehensive guide to shearing, we delve further into the essential accessories that complement a shearer’s gear throughout the season, whether you are in the UK or beyond. Below, we have outlined some must-have items alongside optional extras to enhance your shearing experience.

Shearing Grinder:

A shearing grinder is a shearer’s indispensable tool, crucial for maximising the performance of shearing combs and cutters. While modern grinders are more manageable and portable, they remain an especially important investment. If you are starting your shearing career or facing budget constraints, consider borrowing from a friend or contacting a professional dealer. However, investing in a shearing grinder is fundamental for any professional shearer’s toolkit.

Combs and Cutters:

With a plethora of options available, choosing the right combs and cutters is essential. These tools, engineered to exacting standards, ensure smooth contact with the animal’s skin, facilitating efficient wool removal. Reputable manufacturers prioritise reliability, longevity, and shearing accuracy, considering factors such as breed, wool type, and climate. Regular maintenance and sharpening are crucial to maintaining peak performance throughout the shearing season.

Additional Accessories:

Consider the following accessories for your shearing toolkit in addition to the above.

Strop ‘N’ Shine Kit: Ensures smooth tips and a glossy finish on all comb types.
Tally Counters: Aid in tracking the number of sheep shorn.
Cutter Dispensers: Provide easy access and protection for multiple cutters.
Shearer’s Brush Comb: Helps remove debris, grease, or lanolin from combs.
Spare Oil and Emery Papers: Essential for lubricating handpieces and sharpening grinding discs.

Storage and Transportation:

Proper care and maintenance of shearing equipment are paramount to safeguarding your investment and livelihood. Store your gear securely to prevent damage and ensure longevity. Consider investing in durable transportation cases to protect equipment during travel.

To summarise:

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