At Highway Shearing, we have explored popular dog breeds in the UK that need regular grooming, the rising demand for professional groomers, and tips for selecting the right clippers. We understand the challenging yet rewarding work dog groomers do. The UK’s dog population greatly exceeds the number of professional groomers, highlighting this growing market.

Industry Growth.

According to Future Market Insights*, the UK pet grooming market is expected to grow by 5.7% annually from 2023 to 2033, reaching over £700 million by 2033. This would account for 17-21% of global pet grooming sales by the end of 2033. Both high-street and mobile grooming businesses play crucial roles in meeting the needs of pet owners.

Considering a Career in Mobile Dog Grooming?

If you are then read on, as here is our review of the pros and cons to consider if you are aiming to become a mobile dog groomer in
the UK.


  • Convenience: Being mobile allows you to work around your customers’ schedules, providing services directly within their homes.
  • Reduced Stress for Pets: Grooming dogs in familiar surroundings may lower their anxiety if compared to high-street grooming salons,due to travelling and unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Lower Overheads: Mobile groomers generally face lower overhead costs than their high-street counterparts and may even enjoy some flexibility in working hours.
  • Building Relationships: Regular home visits help build trust and rapport with pets and their owners, enhancing customer retention.


  • Vehicle Requirements: You need a van equipped for grooming. This includes costs for fuel, maintenance, road tax, MOT, and vehicle business insurance,of which the final three are of course legal requirements.
  • Marketing and Branding: Establishing your business requires a website, social media presence, and branding. Initially, expect long hours and significant marketing efforts in time and money.
  • Specialist Equipment: Investing in quality grooming tools is essential. Seek advice from experienced groomers or professional dealers to purchase wisely, again factor in costs.
  • Insurance Costs: While not always legally required, insurance like public liability and business equipment insurance are vital for covering potential damages, injuries, or theft. See below.

Insurance Considerations.

  • Public Liability Insurance: Protects against claims if a pet or person is injured, or property is damaged. It covers legal fees, compensation, and repair costs.
  • Business Equipment Insurance: Covers the replacement or repair of grooming equipment. This is crucial given the high value of the tools needed for mobile grooming.


A mobile dog grooming business offers flexibility, lower overheads, and home-personalised services, but comes with challenges such as vehicle maintenance, marketing efforts, and insurance costs. High-street dog grooming businesses benefit from visibility and stability but face higher overheads.

About Us.

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