Earlier this year the UK Government announced a range of agricultural grants to English and Welsh farmers, who could benefit from considerable savings on a range of agricultural equipment for their farms, one of these was a grant which offered a subsidy towards ‘mobile sheep handling systems’.

To qualify farmers had to meet certain criteria, based on a point-scoring system and submit their application by the deadline of the 1st May 2024. Highway Shearing provides a range of mobile sheep-handling systems that meet the criteria, for example, established systems such as Prattley and Alligator.

Act now and do not miss out.

However, as always, the time to act is now to place your orders for your mobile sheep-handling system, if you have had confirmation of your grant award. We anticipate high demand for these systems and strongly advise you that if you have been awarded a grant to contact us without delay.

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To discuss what systems we have available for Prattley and/or Alligator, call David Gillett on 01768 899 659 / 07881 922492 or **@hi*************.com.

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