When it comes to choosing a portable clipper, today’s modern farmer needs a machine which provides adequate power and torque and a good battery. The clipper must also be reliable, and easy to use and maintain, whilst being lightweight and portable. It must also be comfortable in the hand with minimum vibration and noise.

Review our handy hints and tips guide below, to help you choose your portable sheep clipper:

Opt for a clipper with sufficient power and torque, a clipper must be able to operate effectively to maintain sheep hygiene and prevent issues like flystrike.
Modern clippers offer improved power, reliability, and reduced vibrations for enhanced user comfort, this is a key factor, so do not overlook it. Look for clippers that provide user comfort, an ergonomically designed clipper will reduce hand fatigue. Also consider vibration and noise levels too, sheep just like any other animal can become spooked by the noise that a clipper can make.

Consider cordless options for flexibility, ensuring you have spare batteries for continuous clipping. Belted battery clippers are extremely popular because of their comfort and portability, these clippers disperse battery weight and often accommodate spare batteries.

Other important considerations:

Ease of use: A good sheep clipper should be user-friendly and easy to operate, even for those without a lot of shearing experience. Many manufacturers design portable sheep clippers to be ergonomically designed with good weight distribution.

Durability and reliability: A portable sheep clipper needs to be durable to withstand the rigours placed upon it when out in the field. The last thing you want is for your clipper to break and whilst nothing is unbreakable, a good sheep clipper will last much longer if it is cared for properly. So, consider a handpiece made from quality materials that can manage the demands placed upon it.

Safety: When choosing your clipper check with others or a reputable clipper dealer for built-in safety features or additional items which can be added to make it safer. Consider safety features such as temperature controls to prevent accidents and injuries during shearing. Air flow distribution can help avoid overheating as overheating can burn out the motor. Do not overlook safety as this is paramount when choosing your clipper.

Maintenance: Oil clipper blades frequently with manufacturer-approved oil to ensure smooth operation. Make sure you have spare combs and cutters on hand and have them sharpened regularly for optimal performance. Also, make sure you keep your clippers clean whilst out in the field to remove debris, this will help maintain performance. Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid warranty issues.

To summarise:

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